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Emergency Control Organisation (Wardens)

Duration: 3 Hours

The Emergency Planning Committee must establish an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) for all facilities. The ECO is a group of trained, authorised, and established individuals who are prepared to respond to an emergency incident should it occur. Training for the ECO members must be conducted every 6 months under Australian Standards and Regulations.

The size and structure of the ECO varies depending on various factors including the facilities occupation type and density, layout and safety systems. When an emergency incident occurs, the ECO has key responsibilities to ensure risks to people and property are appropriately managed and eliminated when possible.

The ECO may comprise of:

  • The Chief Warden
  • Deputy Chief Warden
  • Communications Officer
  • Floor/Area Wardens
  • Wardens
  • First Aid Officers

In Health Care organisations these may be referred to as Emergency Controllers and Emergency Officers.

ACTWell's ECO training is delivered by experienced, professional firefighters. It leaves participants feeling capable and confident, and provides the guidance, skills and knowledge needed to manage a range of possible workplace emergencies

ECO training can be delivered as either compliance or Nationally Recognised Training.

Course content:

  • Legislation
  • Fire and emergency safety systems
  • ECO structure
  • Roles and responsibilities of the ECO
  • Evacuation control and coordination
  • Mobility impaired occupants and refusals
  • Fire indicator panel and warning system familiarisation (where applicable)
  • Fire science and behaviour
  • Smoke/fire hazards and risk management
  • Extinguisher selection and operation
  • Fire blanket use
  • Hose reel use
  • Live-fire training (gas props) or virtual reality training
  • Wildfire (optional)

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